To refresh their looks, people would go to a hair salon and have their hair dyed. However, it often happens that the hair tone will turn out differently from expected after colouring job. There are two main reasons for this: One, most people don’t know the exact colour tone of their hair; and two, the hairdressers usually do not measure the exact amount of hair dye that is needed. Color Pick is designed to solve these problems. First of all, the camera identifies the hair colour. Then, it determines how much hair dye the user should use. For example, if a bright hue is desired on a darker hair colour, the user should add more bright hair dye, and less, if the pre-treated hair colour is brighter. The next step is to enter the colour tone as desired into the equipment, after which Color Pick will mix the different hair dyes with the help of different colour models (such as the CMYK model) to caliberate the right hair colouring for the user. In other words, Color Pick will be able to achieve an accurate colour tone as desired by mixing the exact amount of hair dye needed.

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