Through a circular frame, Circle Circle optimises the display of information on a dashboard to ensure the comfort and safety of the driver. When the user interface is planning the route, it offers essential driving information such as speed and gear, which is displayed centrally, positioned in the most direct line of vision of the driver. The vehicle data and reminder are integrated in the left zone to ensure that the vehicle is in good shape. Auxiliary driving information such as warnings of accidents is placed on the right to alert the driver at once. In ‘speed mode’, the main circle indicates the most essential speed info, through the variation of lengths and colours to show speed in different stages. The road condition warning is a vibrant large-scale display with red background that serves to warning the driver of hazardous road conditions. The semi-circle on both sides clearly indicates the turning direction of the vehicle. In ‘parking mode’, the conditions outside the vehicle will be indicated to the driver clearly through frames, graphics, and colours. When an obstacle is detected, a yellow warning will show, indicating the direction through frames. When the stopping distance is too short, a red warning will show, indicating danger.

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