In this era of growing food consumption, the freezer has taken on an important role in daily lives to store and keep large quantities of ingredients fresh. At the same time, when life gets very hectic, it becomes difficult to cook warm food on a daily basis; then store it for future consumption; and just as troublesome to heat up refrigerated food again. As such, the meaning of food storage needs to be reinterpreted and a new kind of storage has to be invented. CACTUS reverses the principles of the refrigerator, which is to evaporate the heat outwards to cool the internal. Instead, CACTUS recycles the heat for evaporation and makes use of the recycled heat to run all the refrigerator functions without additional energy consumption. CACTUS is designed to be compact – ideal for small spaces, singles, small families or for storing cooked food in small batches. Its design makes the maximum use of the functions in a compactly sized equipment. Users can set the height of the shelves according to the varying height of beverages. Although the freezer is compact in size, it can store frozen food and up to three pizza boxes. The key selling point of CACTUS is that it can be used to store warm food. A warming space of 55 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate temperature for thermal insulation of food. Functionally, it is designed to be simple and intuitive for the users. Aesthetically, CACTUS truly resembles a cactus in its exterior and has a chic and cute appeal.

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