Desertification is happening in various places around the world due to global warming. Boostrac, futuristic and prepared to take on such environment, provides optimal dry performance in general and desert driving conditions: The optimal traction in a desert driving condition is achieved by forming gaps between the modular blocks that make up the tyre, in all directions, through the principle of tread warping. This, in effect, also raises the vehicle’s height and prevents it from sinking into the dirt, which makes a continuous drive possible. To overcome the limitations on the performance improvement of conventional inflation tyres, a hub-spacing adjustment method was adopted. The tread has to be flexible and able to support the weight of the vehicle at the same time, so the designers completed their concept by applying polyurethane, a material that is highly elastic and provides sufficient stiffness to the tread. Both the tread and the spokes are structured to use repetitive forms. A tyre can be assembled by several tens of blocks, each one manufactured by using a common mould. As such, an 80% savings in mould production cost is possible. This tyre not only reduces manufacturing costs through the use of a modular manufacturing configuration, but also lowers the consumer’s cost burden. Moreover, it reduces waste and ultimately contributes towards saving the environment. When the tyre is damaged, only the damaged parts need to be replaced. This offers the advantage of an extended tyre lifespan. Unlike other designs, the Boostrac tyre design seeks a perfect shaping technology without any error. Bringing its brand essence, ‘Technology of Quality’, into its style, Hankook Tire completed a futuristic, dynamic and classy design identity in order to realise its mission: ‘Contribute to Advancement in Driving’. Hankook Tire defines its ‘refined and dynamic style’ as one with sophisticated tension and futuristic dynamism.

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