Adopting the ‘simple but not easy’ way of design, the table consists of four pliable pieces of wood boards on the top, bottom and sides. It has an elegant and refined appearance, with a generous storage space, and its lighter parts can be easily assembled, disassembled and transported. The crucial part of the design is the four pliable pieces of wood board which have been specially hollowed out. The designer used the ductility of the wood itself and combined it with a metal bending technique to add more ductility to wood board. Many experiments were conducted to find the most appreciable bending effect according to different functions of different parts. As such the patterns are slightly different in density at different parts in order to make the board more steady and stable. Apart from the patterns, users will also have a smooth experience in opening and closing the door of the storage that has a hidden magnetic eject-button mechanism. As a piece of compactable furniture, its package is only 90cm × 60cm × 4cm, which reduces the cost of manufacturing and transportation. Furthermore, users can assemble the table themselves under ten minutes with the instructions given because the parts can be fixed together with standard tools. Being a piece of modern furniture that is inspired by Chinese heritage and culture, Bended Tea Table combines subtle and implicit Chinese aesthetics with a simple, human centered concept and an elegant Nordic style. It is tended as an affordable, but quality piece of furniture for mass consumption that is also produced in a simple and environmentally friendly manner.

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