With traditional practices fast disappearing, the designer constantly works with native artisans to bring about change in which craft is perceived. Bambow folding chair is made with Bambusa bambos – a type of bamboo that is commonly used in rural India to make utilitarian objects. The design of the chair is inspired by the simple principle of bamboo bows – the tensional property of the ‘bow’ is used to keep the chair in an open position and folded when removed. The strength of bamboo is that it is light in weight. This species of bamboo, in particular, has good mechanical properties and its strong and dense fibre can take compression and tensile loads with ease. The chair only weighs about 6.5 kilograms in the first prototype. The components used are modular and repetitive and the chairs can be batch produced by a group of craftsmen. With the use of local skills and resources in a sustainable way, it provides new opportunities for employment in the artisanal community.

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