The Bacteria-free Technology offers the best solution for hygiene and well being concerns of public environments, especially hospitals, clinics and health units. Its antibacterial action is responsible for eliminating up to 99% of the bacteria in 24 hours without affecting the color and the shine of the product. Unlike current technologies on the market, which are restricted to the application of paints and varnishes, the Bacteria-free Technology is the only one in the world whose application of Nano silver particles is combined with the chrome plating process, which ensures permanent antibacterial action. This system allows all chrome product to adopt this technology without changing the design of the product. The current technologies available in the metal sanitary ware segment for antibacterial protection are superficial because they are limited to the application of paints and varnishes with Nano silver particles or fungicides added. The disadvantages of this process are the loss of chrome shine and reduction in the lifespan of the antibacterial action, limited by the resistance of the paint. On the other hand, products with Bacteria-free Technology go through a different procedure: in the galvanic chromium plating process, parts receive an addition of Nano silver particles, which are incorporated into the chrome layer. Thus, it is possible to increase the durability and strength of the antibacterial action, which will remain in the product for as long as the chrome layer exists.

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