“Gaming can make a better world,” said Jane McGonigal. Many things that we think are hard to do can seem easier when turned into a game. For example, we use mini card games to help young children to remember the alphabet and numbers.

Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest problems. It is one of the causes of global warming and also a major source of deadly diseases, such as asthma and heart attack. The designer’s research shows that most people living in cities do not care about this problem because air pollution is not always very obvious. People will always adapt to the environment they are living in. Others who recognise the problem are too busy to make efforts to reduce it.

Our daily energy consumption is one of the major causes of air pollution. The idea behind Airnergy is to make the air pollution problem more obvious and provide an easier and fun way for people to reduce daily energy consumption at the same time.

Airnergy is a motivational smartphone game. Competitions between friends stimulate people to keep on playing so that they can achieve better scores and win. Every player has a garden space to decorate as they wish. However, the in-game environment will change according to users’ real-life energy consumption data. The app will automatically collect the usage data of each user. If users want to keep their gardens clean and beautiful, they must reduce their real-life energy consumption.

Users can also attend green activities, such as tree planting, or purchase energy-saving products to earn bonus points. This will allow them to buy in-game products that will make their gardens look better.

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