When homeowners are choosing a speaker system, they either want something that blends in seamlessly with the existing space, or something that stands out. Additionally, while interiors are trending towards monolithic and primitive forms, there are exclusions that delve into organic surfacing. A.N.D. Speakers attempts to cross both worlds aesthetically and deliver awe-inspiring sound with a design that is semantically derived and contextually driven. Design is sometimes elusive and at other times obvious. With the A.N.D. Speakers, the design was elusive at the beginning but became obvious once the visual and emotional goals were established. Creating an emotional connection with the user makes design valuable. It releases dopamine and paints a smile on the face . This chemical release is achieved when the brain resolves a problem. In design, when elements or details appear in the expected areas and show meaningful creativity, that connection is made. The primitive base sets the tone for a simple and iconic design. Finished in glossy piano white, it imitates the form of a single piano key. Rising from the centre, the soft contrasting fabric pushes outward from inside. It captures a moment in time as mechanical movements of the speakers are converted into audio waves. The controls are hidden behind the speaker fabric, located at the top for easy access. Icons light up providing visual cues when movement is detected above the speakers and the same icons mysteriously disappear when the speakers are not in use. The speakers are made from existing manufacturing processes but with a higher flow management and tolerance that ensures parts are perfectly made. The compound fabric texture will be vacuumed and heat-treated to maintain the form. The fabric acts as an accent color and because it is lower in cost, the speakers can leverage on this and offer customisable hues that will generate additional revenue.

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