In public spaces such as airports and train stations, there are lockers for passengers to secure their stuff temporarily. However, some people have smaller packages while others have bigger ones and different sizes of the lockers are usually available but the variation still doesn’t fulfil the most efficient use of space. Therefore, the 1 for 2 Public Locker was designed to let the user to pay according to the volume they use. Users adjust the dividing board in the locker by sliding it up and down to get the ideal volume or price to pay. A panel on the handle of the locker will display different colours, each indicating how much space is still available. A green panel and a hand icon imply that the current user can freely adjust the volume they need. When the panel shows up yellow, it means that part of the locker has been used. When the panel shows up red with a lock icon, It means that the locker has no available volume. Users can choose the appropriate locker by price or by the remaining volume of each locker. The prices will differ according to the volume that is used. Such a design allows users to properly utilise space to save time, money and effort. The surface of the handle of the locker also has a credit card sensor unit to allow card transactions to be conduced in place of cash and coins.

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