Design for the packaging of a grape-based alcoholic drink, made by a family with long tradition in creating premium quality Tsikoudia, the famous alcoholic aperitif of Crete, which is exported exclusively to luxury hotels, restaurants and delicatessens. As Zore Zalo is an extremely pure distilled spirit, containing approximately 43 per cent alcohol per volume, the client requested a packaging that would be clearly depictive of its character and would highlight its uniqueness.
The name we created, comes from the Cretan dialect and means “difficult step”, reflecting the elaborate and hand crafted way it is produced exclusively on the island of Crete, as well as its unique flavor which a truly powerful sensory experience. The design aims to express these product features and particularly the full flavor and purity that comes from its organic production, in a modern and minimalistic way, vividly presenting its bold masculine character and clarity.

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