When the home-delivery box isn’t just what it used to be. Designer sparks the idea to YOKYOR Delivery when this Bangkok Seafood Restaurant expends their business to takeout and delivery service. They came up with idea to make an aesthetic package to catch eyes of customers when the order has been delivered to their doors.

They are making fun idea to show what’s inside the box without opening it and customer has it easier to check when they are receiving an order. They introduce five characters of sea lives trying to break each box to expose what will be in the box. Fish, crab, crawfish, cockle, and squid represent what kind of seafood in the box and give recipient a hidden message that if all those were still alive to resemble freshness of seafood.

Also all those are drawn in playful characters and cartoon-alike rather than look like real sea lives to make people feel fun and amused before they open the package. It could make people feel more sensational and more mouthwatering to have fun with their food.

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