“drawlk” (draw&talk) is a browser-based, responsive internet service offering real time communications as a combination of voice chat and a shared drawing canvas. drawlk is an online platform and therefore does not require any installation on the devices. drawlk simplifies und speeds up communication, especially regarding graphic content such as layouts, architectural plans, photos, texts and calculations. You can enjoy the service for free if you do without uploading. Premium User can upload .jpg, .png and PDF files, take pictures directly to the canvas using their smartphone camera, and benefit from further functions. The crucial innovation of the “webapp” is that one can point, draw and talk in real time and on every terminal, absolutely installation-free in the browser. In 2017 drawlk was finalist at the Innovationspreis-IT and the Industriepreis. drawlk requires an operating system and a browser supporting WebRTC, such as Chrome, Firefox, Android and Apple iOS 11. Please note that at the moment iOS and Microsoft systems/ browsers have not been updated yet, but updates are already in sight. URLs: www.drawlk.com/ www.drawlk.de. https://www.facebook.com/drawlk-669900393180932/

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