This project begins with 5 girls, who share the same struggles as all females during the menstrual period. The pain and trouble motivate us to seek an easy way to alleviate the discomfort that periods bring and to take care of busy, working females today.
Our inspiration came from the ancient Chinese wisdom, where “herb soup” is prescribed to condition the ladies’ body during their periods. Similarly, our fast and easy tea, packaged in powder form, targets the 3 stages of the mensuration cycle – before, during and after. Illustrations can be found on the packaging to show how each formula would meet the needs of each stage.
Our box packaging reflects the appearance of a hardcover diary relates to the common habit of keeping a diary. Contents include tea composition, functions and tea bags that can be directly torn off. Unlike traditional herbs that require a long time to boil and brew, our tea saves them the hassle.
Design concept for our gift set is “a cup of tea a day”, packaged as a calendar, in a portable hand-carry style. Tea bags are color-coordinated to match its corresponding stages throughout the month. Upon consumption, an uplifting quote is revealed!

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