Electronic control system – precise and efficient drive steering

The Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) as the world's unique drive for ships, ferries and water tractors has the function to produce the required thrust in all directions continuously, accurately and quickly.
In order to fulfill the customer request that drives with the appropriate electronic control system should be a complete solution of own development, Voith as a system supplier provides for the first time the control system completely from one source. This aim should be immediately visible through the interface between customer and product, through the so-called control components – joystick, steering wheel, azimuth sender and GUI.
Therefore, Voith and the research and teaching department industrial design engineering (IKTD, University of Stuttgart) together have developed new and innovative control components, whereby the drives can be controlled efficiently and safely. Based on high ergonomic quality these components are supposed to underline corporate design of the company and reflect the manufacturer identification at the same time.
The new design combines functionality with concise formal aspects.

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