Unique by its small size and low weight, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is purposely designed to be operated from yachts. This extraordinary submersible has a remarkably spacious interior with a luxurious finish worthy of every yacht owner. Everyone can navigate the Super Yacht Sub 3 with the intuitive MANTA controller under supervision of the pilot. Inside the Super Yacht Sub 3, passengers will enjoy luxurious leather seating and a fully air-conditioned environment at 1 atmosphere of pressure. The pressure hull allows a seating arrangement to optimize the view for the pilot and two passengers. Offering you the chance to personalize the interior, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is the perfect blend of precision craftsmanship, proven durability, and unquestionable style. The Super Yacht Sub 3 is the first upgradable submersible in the world. Clients can start their underwater adventure with a 100 meter depth capability. Together with their ambitions and experience they may later choose to upgrade the depth-rating of the Super Yacht Sub 3 to 200 meter, or even 300 meter.

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