Skipper NC 100s designed to enter in European boat market and covers all the needs of the most demanding user. It is a power boat, looks like a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) but it is not. Perimetrical collars are constructed from hull’s material (Polyester with glass) full filled with foam and no need of inflation. This innovation has as result, boat have all riding characteristics and backup buoyancy like a RIB but it is a power boat without the risk of deflation. The diameter of rigid collars is smaller at bow than at stern and the biggest height from deck floor is at the middle of the boat. Collars have ”D” shape (not complete circle), increasing the internal boat width. The boat deck have a lot of space for passengers, two huge lockers at bow and stern and a toilet on vessel’s console, which includes a basin, a sink and a shower. Finally is a very fast power boat because of its innovative hull design with 4 steps witch produce an air bubble film between hull and water. High speed without the need of huge engines and low fuel consumption are the two strongest characteristics of the hull.

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