Skipper Desire 120 is the flagship of BSK Marine. She is a high performance power boat thanks to her careful studied and designed hull with 4 steps. Those steps reducing the overall drag of the boat because making an air bubble film between hull and water and minimizing the contact between them.

Also Skipper Desire 120 looks like a luxurious RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) but she is not as the tubes are not inflatable. They are hard constructed with the same material as all the boat (GRP Glass Reinforced Polyester). Tubes are composed from 10 watertight compartments and the boat has all the spare boynancy to be unsinkable as a RIB. But in this construction it is very difficult a hole to be done unless the normal hypalon tubes. Also if there become any damage the shape of the tube still stays the same to the boat is able to continue her ride.
So this Innovation make the boat safer than a normal RIB with the same design and the same riding characteristics.

Finally Skipper Desire 120 has a nice luxury cabin with two double beds and a WC room with shower.

Skipper Desire 120 is a combination of the safest luxury performance, making a new category in boat industry worldwide.

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