Its design is aimed at offering distinctive visual cues that reflect the Sea-Doo brand and values. Exciting and stimulating, the SPARK TRIXX builds on the existing SPARK model by adding new design features in accordance with its unique stunt-oriented dynamics. Its design is described as nimble, exciting and purposeful: in line with the end user’s experience.
With its 75mm adjustable range, the aluminum handlebar is designed to allow riders to elevate their centre of gravity. This feature enables the riders to use their weight more effectively and efficiently to perform a wide range of tricks. The design is inspired by BMX and motocross handlebars, known for being lightweight and robust.
A key ergonomic feature on the SPARK TRIXX is a set of wedges at the rear of the footwells. Angled contact wedges are positioned to allow riders to shift their weight to the rear of the machine. This feature also allows for more comfort, stability and control in different riding positions. They are designed as a visual cue to indicate ideal foot placement.

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