Momenta 36 has been designed by Sedat Öztürk from the pre-study stage to the A quality surface deliveries with the attention of an automobile design project.
A compact motor yacht Momenta 36, provides you with the most superior performance and the safest driving pleasure. Despite its 11 meter length, with its internal volume carefully prepared, it provides the comfort to its users provided by the yachts larger than itself. Manufactured with advanced composite technology, the product developed with its light sandwich hull and the detailed engineering studies will be your indispensable passion at sea with the high performance, stability, comfort and safety standards it has.
If we are to define Momenta 36 with three words where form and function complete each others; we can say it is the product revealed with design quality, engineering quality and the manufacturing quality.
Our point of view to design as the design studio of Sedat Öztürk is to utilize all necessary design tools, sources and resources in order to produce fresh, original concepts which are manufacturable, so Momenta 36 design is one of the most important sample of our point of view.

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