MAN Engines is set to present its latest generation of six-cylinder engines with the i6-800 with 588 kW (800 hp) as well as the i6-730 with 537 kW (730 hp). The engines are de-signed to be used in yachts and trawlers up to 55 feet, as well as in sport fishing boats. The future-proof i6-800 and i6-730 yacht engines, which are based on the D2676 model, also have a modern common rail system offering up to 1,800 bar for high mean pressures and optimized combustion. MAN’s engineers came up with a modernized design for the six-cylinder engine, ensuring to fulfil the criteria of elegance and high performance. The sophisticated and timeless design of the perfectly shaped engine stays within the style of modern luxury yachts. The engine has always been the source of the power and dynamics which naval architects have expressed in their work. The wheel has now come full circle with a MAN yacht engine that is a state of art itself.

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