C 23- Adventure rowboat 2-3 persons adventure rowboat Length: 23 feet / 6.9 m Beam: 5.5 feet / 1.7 m Weight: 198 lbs / 90 kg Construction: vacuum infused carbon/epoxy/ In a long evolution of open, seaworthy boats the C23 is the final step. Viking longboats and especially the American whaleboats combined lightness and strength with superior design, resulting in legendary seagoing capacities. We have further improved this tradition adding stiffness, thanks to high tech materials such as carbon fibre, ultralight foam and an epoxy matrice. Unequalled design and quality guarantee a stable, dry and super safe boat, especially in rough conditions. Row along the wild coasts of the world, spot exciting marine life, cruise down a gentle river in the evening, or set camp on a remote shore. Wherever you take this boat, it will offer you a life full of outdoor adventures, in direct contact with the water and its inhabitants.

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