True to its design, the MAXXIS VICTRA SPORT 5 takes to the road with the speed, grace and agility of a leopard on the hunt. Like the top predator that served as its inspiration, the VICTRA SPORT 5 is at its peak when maneuvering at high speeds.
With an optimal number of grooves featuring sharp angles and hidden edges across an oblique plane, the design echoes the big cat’s claws, while ultra-smooth asymmetrical grooves pay tribute to the power of a leopard’s attack.
Water dispersion is ideal, provided by three major grooves across the tread, with each leading to double the number of lateral grooves in the shoulder. Water is swiftly dispersed from the contact area to these closely spaced shoulder pitches, allowing for superb handling in wet weather.
Smooth curve figure across the tread pattern is bionic designed from the paw’s scratch print. This tread pattern is the symbol of sharp and powerful spirit.
Key to the sidewall’s strength is the new technology of its slender, shaped bead filler with high hardness compound, embedded in a full-rubber chafer with high turn-up plies. This construction evenly distributes stress rather than concentrating it.

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