Drive tires for maximum grip on snow and ice
A drive axle product for long and regional haul tractor vehicles.
Premium winter tires that provide satisfaction through the best quality and 3D block design, with a profile design optimized for severe snow conditions.

Stable high-speed driving is enabled even on winter roads by making the highest 3D sipe density, which maximizes the edge effect for snow grip and traction, the core performance of winter tires.
Stylistic perfection and excellent braking performance on icy and snowy surfaces are also provided by applying Hankook Tire’s original, 3D cutting technology that makes sawtooth to the block end.

With a stable pentagon block design two times wider than the conventional product, uniform traction pressure has been realized and mileage performance is increased by 13%; the block-connecting two-step tie-bar optimizes the balance between block stiffness and a technical look, and prevents block leaning, even increasing high-speed driving stability. That is, the Smart Control DW07 provides the best winter performance and better mileage, giving consumers the best winter driving comfort.

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