A very important new design will be launched on the market by MAK at the beginning of 2015: it is MAK Milano, a generalist wheel, suitable to equip most part of the cars now available on the market.
MAK Milano shows an elegant and sober design, that perfectly matches with the look of many cars. MAK Milano ten spokes are coupled and feature lightness and dynamism. They are also wide, open and thin, strongly rising from the central cap. In the middle of their length the spokes feature a little angle, which distinguishes the wheel style. The spokes are provided with a double joint to the external rim, a detail that makes them stronger and more resistant.
The available finishings for MAK Milano are two: Silver, the traditional one for a soft tuning, and Black Mirror, more catchy and aggressive thanks to its brilliant diamond color on spokes surface.
The wheel has KBA e NAD homologation, confirming its high levels of quality and and safety.
Provided with five fixing holes, MAK Milano will be available from January 2015 in a very wide applications range: from 16” to 18”.

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