Due to its trend developing globally that UTV sizes must have PCR’s character and now need to develop to similar PCR’s construction (Polyester (90°) + Steel Belt). NYLON CORD material is similar to PCR construction nearly 90°in Carcass, referring JATMA regulation, angles bigger than 70°in Carcass could classify in Radial tires. Also, Breaker construction could replace Steel-Belt construction and the efficacies are the same.
The unique pattern designed with strengthened construction which lead tires have better driving performance in rugged terrain.
Continued pattern layout causing stable condition in driving.
The main pattern was designed in shape “/ \” which lead having good driving experience. Pattern design on the bottom of grooves can evacuate mud block efficiently.
Pattern design on the blocks of grooves would increase contact patches to keep driving safe and have better driving experience.
Designated by KAWASAKI Mule Models and won KAWASAKI Quality Award in Y2016.
Meeting E-MARK standards and having great feedback from European markets.
Concave profile designed keeping tires been flat which is the first manufacturer has done in rubber industry.

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