The Weather-Master Ice100 is a studless winter tyre which was developed to perform in severe condition down to -30 Celsius degree.
The innovative elongated triangular buttress’s on the side of the outer circumferential grooves provide lateral support for handling purposes as the tyre uses a specially developed tread compound that is extremely soft. They also works to trap snow & provide a homogeneous compaction of the snow to provide traction, the high density of sipes & soft compound then allow the compacted snow to be released when out of the contact patch.
Further handling performance is gained by the shoulder design which bites into deep snow to gain more traction.
The pattern uses a modern asymmetric design that has a “textured” patented tread surface of fine raised lines to provide increased grip on ice while the use of 3D sipes in the centre rib provide lateral stability & longitudinal flexibility.
It is certified to the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Symbol for Severe Winter tyres according to EU Regulation 117 & meets all EU requirements.

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