XSpark is an exclusive color effect for automotive OEM coatings that glitters in a focused manner that appears more intense than all other effect pigments. Minute glass particles reflect the light with greater precision, thus creating a pronounced glitter. The glass particles are applied in one step together with the coloring paint in a 10-20 µm layer – this corresponds 10-20% of the thickness of a human hair. In this way, a homogeneous surface arises, which creates a depth in the paint with a pure monochromatic. The integrating glass particles are only noticeable in the light. The resulting sparkle looks exceptionally luxurious and elegant without being intrusive.

Important Note: The effect is applied on “Domes” for presentation. These simulate the different forms of a car, so that the effect of the paint effect is clear. The “Dome” is not part of the product. Direct sunlight / natural light or alternatively the attached torch light is necessary to experience the optimum of the effect.

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