Lucidity 26077 LED Aurora Arrow Full Function Rear Lamp is designed for European heavy-duty truck to overcome the harsh European variety of road conditions. The greatest feature of this product is itself provides excellent illumination for night recognition, this enable road users easily recognize various driving conditions so to increase their own road safety. Other extra product features as follows:

1. Sequential Turn Signal is easier for road users to identify and react
2. Optimum optical design complies with European ECE road safety standard level
3. Enormous U-shape Tail Light Design
4. 8 in 1 Full function LED Combo Rear Lamp
5. Vibration resistant Surface Mount Technology
6. Water/dust proof AMP 7Pin international recognized connector
7. PC impact resistant replaceable Lens
8. Eye fatigue-free Glo Trac design

This lamp uses LED module design which brings benefits including higher illumination density, lower power consumption, longer lifespan and eco-friendly. In line with today’s European market for environmental friendly and energy conservation requirements. On the other hand, consumers are also benefited from no more frequently replace bulbs and extra cost related.

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