Swenska-Hoga from SKARG is a product that provides a modern, easy and safe boating experience. The Ambition with the product is to enable the user to choose a mooring-set from an empiric list of boat makes and models. Clear labeling of the ropes dimension embossed in every component, establishes a connection between the different parts of the product, making it easier for the customer regarding communication and future purchasing.

The design is stripped down to the most essential functions, with the ambition to give a pervading coherent appearance. The accentuating details give the design a sense of life and a more distinct separation of the features. The stainless steel shackle is precision-casted and over molded with a rubber surface in order to create recognition with the rubber spring as well as to prevent surrounding objects from damage.

The rubber shock absorber is protected by a high-tech and UV-resistant fabric which both extends the lifetime of the spring as well as gives recognition with the rope and the design piece behind the shackle. The rope exits the shock absorber in a straight axial direction and is centered to gain a sleek line through the entire product.

Swenska-Hoga is our range of fixed mooring lines with integrated shackle and shock absorber, for mooring at pier with buoy or mooring fingers. At present there are three lengths (2, 3 & 5m) in a choice of three different colors (Red, Navy Blue & Grey). Swenska-Hoga is the original name of Svenska Högarna, a group of islands which make out the eastern outpost of the Stockholm archipelago.

• Delivered ready for mounting
• Available in three color combinations
• Rubber shock absorber (EPDM)
• Stainless and acid resistant steel in bolt and shackle
• The pre-tensioned shackle prevents the bolt from loosening
• Also suitable for mounting in chain links
• 7 mm hex key included
• Rope by Liros Ropes (Porto) with diameter 14 mm, max load 3400 kg (7480 lbs)

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