LIFEHAMMER® offers useful simplicity in complex situations. The SAFETY TORCH OPTI-ON is the ultimate car safety accessory and is primarily designed to save lives. To see and be seen is often the most important thing when it comes to car safety.

Use this safety torch to signal others in emergency situations and/or illuminate your own surroundings. By simply pushing the lens-top of this safety torch you can easily switch from flashlight mode to torch mode and vice versa. Thanks to the unique back-up battery system this safety torch will always function when it needs to. The power primarily comes from the main battery. But when needed it is possible to simply switch to the back-up battery. Thanks to the intelligent battery-indicators the batteries are checked automatically but can also be checked manually.

With the included EASY FIX SYSTEM it is possible to mount the safety torch on the middle console of your car. Thanks to this mounting system the safety torch will always be within reach. Attach the safety torch on the in- and outside of your car. With the SMART SUCTION STRAP the safety torch is attachable to the car body and window.

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