This concept derives from the tripod used by us in daily driving. When your car breaks down, it is needed to put the tripod in a required distance for warning, which can remind the following vehicles to avoid safely. However, there is a relatively big problem that it can not be placed stably and easy to be turned over, and it is small in size and the warning function is not very obvious etc.. Therefore, we have this entirely new product. It uses a cake cone to replace previous triangular support so as to highlight the warning function. Meanwhile, this product has take-in function that reasonably integrates the function of safety fittings like fire extinguisher, warning lamp and emergency hammer, so as to form a systematic safety emergency solution and grant great wind-resistance function to the product. The product adopts waterproof fabric and waterproof design, which can be used under various harsh environments. The product adopts environmental-protection EVA and nylon.The bright-colored jacinth not only reflects marking of safety warning, but also enrich the colors of product, and the exquisite technology reflects the quality of product incisively and vividly.

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