If a person was to be trapped in an automobile, the resqme tool holds the solution: a protected sharp blade to cut a jammed seatbelt and a spring-loaded stainless steel spike to shatter the car window. Coming in various colors, the resqme is compact and portable. Originally designed for the first responders , it is an innovative and easy-to-use tool for any motorist with its small, lightweight and, most importantly, powerful design.
Certified with the GS mark by TUV, the resqme tool has proven to be the smallest, fastest and most reliable escape tool, able to free a trapped passenger in less than 60 seconds, far more effective than any other tool on the market. In 2013, the company has opted to rebrand resqme tool with its new logo design.
Proudly made in US, the award-winning resqme tool aims to give drivers peace of mind on the road. Our mission is to ensure that every traveler worldwide is adequately equipped to deal with entrapment threats that might arise. Further, the philosophy behind the product goes well beyond the simple idea of improved safety. Today, we are ushering the company into a new era by helping our communities become more proactive with their well being on the road. Together we can save more lives." says Laurent Colasse, the founder.

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