Neoline company presents the prototype of the hybrid device which combines car radar-detector and video recorder.

Car radar-detectors and DVRs are very popular in many countries but combo devices are the next generation level of car electronics.

Hybrid X-COP 9700 from Neoline is car video recorder and radar-detector combined by single unique interface. Hybrid X-COP 9700 is the leader model of Neoline company which has the best technical characteristics, magnificent design and clear interface. User gets an easy way to use all the functions of the device. Wide settings allow to set the Hybric to all the driver’s demands.
Technically perfect device is enclosed in a unique case, due to which the Hybrid Neoline X-COP 9700 will become an adornment of any car interior.

Neoline X-COP 9500 is the predecessor of hybrid Neoline X-COP 9700 and is recognized as the best combo device by many experts of the Russian car market.

(We will be happy to provide technical characteristics of the device upon your request. Release: March 2015)

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