With its high-end light technology in a completely new design, the MULTIBEAM LED headlamp in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class makes a huge and impressive impact. The striking key component of the headlamp is definitely the precision LED grid module, which is framed by two light guide arms. These light guides generate the daytime running lights, position lights, direction indicators and also the comfort function, the coming home light. All the lights are bathed in a pleasantly blue look, thus creating surprising, optical highlights. And even more than that, back-lit blue surfaces and distinctive contours give a fascinating edge to both the high and low beam mode. Such a characteristic look succeeds in bringing into sharp relief a new dimension to the world of headlamp technology. Its multi-row headlamp system enables a technology to be brought into play which allows complete flexibility of light distribution throughout the entire range illuminated by the high and low beam. And all this by purely digital means. The 84 individually controllable LED pixels enable variable light distribution suitable for every road traffic situation, which in turns ramps up the safety factor.

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