For the first time, the Truma Mover® XT uses an infinitely variable motor and an innovative operating principle to move caravans via remote control. The unique Truma Dynamic Move Technology® makes it easy for users of any age to manoeuvre vehicles safely and precisely, even over bumpy ground or small obstacles.
Thanks to the intuitive remote control, precision turning via the centre of the caravan, smooth taking of bends and coupling to the towing vehicle with millimetre accuracy are now child’s play, even for beginners. The principle of the “accelerator pedal and steering wheel”, i.e. the separation of steering and acceleration, is familiar to all those used to driving cars.
The striking control elements and holding surfaces guarantee secure handling. They are elegantly positioned on smooth surfaces to facilitate easy turning and pushing, and also lend the remote control unit a sturdy and high-quality look. The new XT drive with its lightweight and energy-saving motor signalizes efficiency and performance owing to its compact and powerful design. The precise contours and appealing surfaces are the elements that link the Mover® XT and remote control into one family.

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