The popularity of e-bikes and therefore bicycle carriers for e-bikes is growing, but taking 2 e-bikes for a day out can still be quite a hassle. The new MovaNext bicycle carrier is designed to make transport of e-bikes enjoyable.
The MovaNext is a very compact e-bike carrier and weighs only 12 kg. Carrying, handling and storing is very convenient and inspired by the use of a suitcase. When not used, it can be folded in seconds and stowed in any car trunk or garage.
Unique is the tow bar clamping system: the user only needs to fold down the wings and the product is ready to use, no additional installation is needed. The bicycle carrier offers secured support to small and very long bicycles and a special frame clamp makes clamping easy to do. The wheel holders can be moved freely and fixate themselves automatically when strapped at the wheels.
The fresh design of the MovaNext carrier communicates ‘lightweightness’ and trust. The handlebars and full LED lights are fluently integrated. Unneeded details are reduced to a clean appearance, even in folded status. Low weight and a durable construction could be realized by an aluminum construction, resulting in a contemporary look and feel.

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