All trains need lights, not only to allow passengers to recognise them, but also to enable the operator to see what is happening on the track ahead.
The lights should also be a unique feature, distinguished by shape and design, enhancing the vehicle, while presenting a distinctive “face”. Nevertheless the lights must fulfil all relevant technical requirements and standards.
These train light units were designed for the Riyadh Metro Project. The Alstom metro vehicles into which they are integrated, had to meet the highest design requirements in order to satisfy a very demanding customer.

There were exacting requirements:
1. Glass with mirror-effect 2. Main beam and signal light functionality
3. Light beam adjustable 4. No screws visible externally
5. Water resistant (IP67)

These requirements resulted in the final design of the light units:
1. Laminated safety glass with mirror effect, metal coated, formed in three dimensions.
2. Light beam projected through holes in the lamination, signal light red an white, main beam white.
3. Water resistant due to special seals and impenetrable housing.
4. Light beams are adjusted and directed by a special mechanism

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