Bracketron has been in the phone mount business since 2003. This year, we wanted to create something new and beautiful that would look just as good on a kitchen counter as the dashboard of a car. Introducing Lux: our premium magnet mount. Users adhere a polished metal plate to their phone or case, allowing them to effortlessly place their device on the mount. The patterned silicone cover provides grip and shock absorption. Under the pad, four rare-earth magnets produce a secure hold for confident hands-free driving. Cooking in the kitchen or displaying a phone in the office has never been easier. The friction-fitted ball joint allows for mounting on horizontal, angled, and vertical surfaces. Utilizing the integrity of world-class 3M adhesive pads, Lux guarantees a secure hold. If desired, the mount can be removed without residue or the need for additional chemicals. Add a fresh adhesive pad, and it is ready to be re-positioned. Lux brings the touch of elegance and convenience to our lives we didn’t know we missed.

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