The BRP LinQ snowboard/ski rack is designed to carry a snowboard and/or skis on a mountain snowmobile. The rider can quickly and easily install and remove the snowboard/skis from the rack in seconds. The rack works in conjunction with other LinQ branded storage and fuel accessories.

The challenge was to design a lightweight, secure and easy attach/detach carry solution for a snowboard or skis on a snowmobile without interfering with the rider or passenger. A key technical challenge was to design and engineer a rugged solution that withstands up to 30 Gs of force. And all this using recyclable materials.

This unique design enables backcountry ski and snowboard enthusiasts to access remote wilderness areas not serviced by commercial ski resorts. Thanks to this accessory, the snowmobile offers outdoor enthusiasts a truly perfect means to explore and carve the backcountry. The BRP LinQ snowboard/ski rack can be used on all new Ski-Doo branded snowmobiles.

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