Our new LED warning lightbar is called the ‘Supervisor’. Its design, appearance and functionalities perfectly fulfil the needs of the high-end segment for the ‘Blue-Market’, appropriate for the European and American market. The ‘Supervisor’ is optimized for maximum visibility and clear communication to other road users. To achieve this, we integrated two extra light units at the front and back of the lightbar. These multi-color LED’s units are connected to the concerning vehicle and operate as day-light, interval, turning and braking-light (other options possible in the future). Beside these extra light units, the ‘Supervisor’ has all needed flash patterns, directional, alley and spot light. Different light configurations and different product length are easy to realize. Furhter, the sharp designed lightbar and lifted end-units gives the ‘Supervisor’ an alert and authoritarian appearance that fits in the modern language of the automotive world. Obviously the ‘Supervisor’ meets all regulations (ECE R65, SAE) and is waterproof (IP68), ready for all scenarios in the future.

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