In Europe, regulation ECE-R 64 specifies that all vehicles registered from November 2014 onwards must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

For the independent aftermarket Huf has developed and introduced a new product on the market: Huf "IntelliSens" – the smarter sensor. "IntelliSens" is a universal sensor which is available in a small number of versions, which cover nearly all standard TPMS installed worldwide in different vehicle models. This simplifies storage for repair shops and as a result, sensors can be replaced in the shortest time possible. A large number of protocols are stored in a Huf "IntelliSens". They are configured at the point of installation, using a diagnostic device. The "IntelliSens" can be fitted faster than any other sensor because the configuration process only takes a few seconds.

Benefits for repair shops:
easy mounting on the valve, speed up of the sensor replacement process, less storage

Benefits for consumers:
reliable warning about tire pressure loss, avoiding tire wear due to incorrect tire pressure, reduction of CO2 emissions and optimization of fuel consumption, reduced waiting time in repair shops

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