Intelligent HUD navigator is external vehicle navigation equipment. HUD technology, also known as Head UP Display technology, avoids the possibility that driver neglects rapid changes of external environment when looking up and down, reduces delay and fatigue due to constant adjustments of eye focal distances and improves the security of driving. When looking ahead, the driver can easily integrate scenes with HUD navigation information, making navigation route more intuitive. In interaction mode, it adopts voice control and gesture recognition. With built-in independent noise reduction module, voice recognition rate can reach 90% under high speed driving. With rapid gesture recognition technology, the response time is only 0.2 second. For high temperature inside the vehicle in summer, metal material is used as shell to ensure heat dissipation. In working conditions, it can endure high temperature of 80 ºC. The product is equipped with functions of call, information, voice repose, etc. In addition, navigator, connecting to the Internet, can send early violation warning based on the big data, intelligently judging vehicle state to remind the driver to avoid infringement notices.

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