In the inner part of the outer link, it has a cavity which forms a gap to increase lubricant storage space. There is a flange hole out of the edge of outer plate (Fig 2.1.2) ; And bush is (Fig 2.2) projecting inner links (Fig 2.3) which will be engaged with concave hole edge of the outer links, when the chain is operating, bush will be sustained to the concave outer edge of the hole which prevents loss of lubricant and prevent sediment dust from entering into the chain. Taiwan and China granted utility patent. for our wavy crack pattern form bushing.The design structure of the chain can prevent lubricant and sediment dust from entering the inner side of the chain. Moreover, the roundness enhanced due to the wavy pattern joint bush helps upmost wearing surface of the pin when operating, it can significantly improve wear resistance and prolong chain life. Its abrasion performance is 80% better than the average chain and chain life is 3.2 times more than normal chain.Chain thickness reduce by 0.2mm, raw material cost save up to 10%.

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