Get rid of all useless decorative, only retain the most important parts. Not only guarantee the safety record, but also bring more driving fun.Excellent size and overall design without screen and buttons, start to work when plug in power. Mobile phone directly connected devices via Wi-Fi wireless, to quickly and real-time view recorded video, and instantly share to social media;In Goluk APP, you can view not only recorded video can be viewed, but also the video clips shared by other users.Using Magic-key to easily and safely capture the wonderful monments happening on the road. In addition, more functions such as setting up live video, parking security, forward distance control assist make T1 playing a bigger role than traditional dashcam. 360 degree rotation to the desired angle. Goluk T1 can be used for outdoor recording such as skiing and riding when assembled with addtional bracket accessory which can supply 60 Mins uninterrupted power for video recording and the battery can be replaced.Goluk T1 in car occupies very little space, and has no impact on driver’s sight as hidden in the back of rearview mirror.The whole body with recyclable PC + ABS and magne.

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