As an efficient multi-functional car air purifier, this product can effectively remove PM2.5, TVOC, automobile exhaust residue and bacteria inside the car. Through integrated precise air quality sensor and central processing chip, it can display air quality and purifier working status on user interface in real time. At the same time, with a fully automatic mode, it can intelligently regulate supply volume of clean air and working mode. Meanwhile, accurate promoting function on filter replacement improves service efficiency of the filter. Frosted plastic material applied to whole body and transparent part with internal spraying process adopted in the middle enhance sense of layer and quality of the product while key position and screen display are well-spaced and logo with metal polish adopted on the top surface generates a sharp contrast to highlight enterprise level. Overall design style of the product falls on sense of future. Dynamic arc on the front surface is combined with technological light; gradually-variational and tensioned mesh is adopted for air inlet on the top surface; moreover, the body’s front end is equipped with complete data display and light perception.

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