This system is an audio system with Full Digital Transmission, the only system that is used in in-car devices by Clarion around the world. In anticipation of the coming EV era in a low–carbon society, this system directly inputs standard digital and high resolution sound sources into speakers to achieve high-quality sound without deteriorating the source while consuming less power by 80% than that of an analogue system. The design is based on a concept that focuses on unification of systems, simple form, the genuineness of materials, and digital transmission. Specifically, the champagne gold lines on the speakers were applied to express digital transmission. An app for tuning the sound field is available on smartphones and tablets, enabling users to adjust the in-car audio space with intuitive operations. In addition, the NX706E head unit, the first product that is connectable with an optical cable, is available. This product can be used with genuine products and commercially-available products provided by manufacturers other than Clarion, allowing any user to create high-quality sound in an in-car audio space.

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