To make the seasonal transitions smoother, Fiskars introduces new car tools for efficient car cleaning, whatever the weather. The innovative 2-sided elastic bristles on the new SnowXpert™ Brush & Scraper clean both snow and moist from the car windows while the double-bladed scraper removes ice in both directions when scraping back and forth. The elastic bristles ensure a scratch-free window, and the flexible blade of the scraper adapts to curved windshields. The special blade doesn’t damage the protective layer of the car glazing. The detachable structure of the Brush & Scraper makes it easy to store in the car. The ultra-light SnowXpert™ Car Shovel helps to clear even hard and icy snow out of your car’s way. The stainless steel blade and the durable composite structure, made of same material as the well-known Fiskars axes, make the shovel last longer than other traditional snow tools. Thanks to its compact size, the shovel is easy to have along and doesn’t take much space in the trunk. With the right tools, starting off gets easier, driving is safer, and the car is kept in top condition.

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