Ekin Patrol G2 is the world’s the first and only smart patrol which is a high-tech, mobile enforcement product designed as a light bar and capable of speed detection, face recognition, plate recognition and parking enforcement continuously and simultaneously. Being suitable for vehicles such as police cars or fire engines, Ekin Patrol G2 is aimed to enhance a high level of city safety and turn every vehicle into smart traffic control systems.

Fixed radar systems, generally used as a solution to prevent fatal accidents by determining speed limit violations, have proven to be insufficient at most times. Having integrated cameras on all four sides, Ekin Patrol G2 covers demanded areas and ensures 360 degrees protection. Besides, most fixed surveillance systems are incompatible with the architecture of the city, requiring more external hardware. Ekin Patrol G2 has a plug&play and compact design, offering a cost-effective solution by combining many different types of surveillance operations and applying them to moving or parked vehicles. Standing out with its slimmer and elegant design, there is no need for any other equipment to be installed inside the vehicle.

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