COOLAIR RTX – THE NEW GENERATION MORE EFFICIENCY AND POWER The third CoolAir generation comes with an entirely new technology to continue a unique success story. CoolAir compressor parking coolers have been around for over ten years to improve working conditions, safety and cost efficiency in the European utility vehicle industry. Now is the time to set new benchmarks. The new, third generation CoolAir roof air conditioners do that in two convincing ways: CoolAir RTX 1000 provides more cooling performance and runtime at the same energy consumption than its predecessor model. CoolAir RTX 2000 generates more than twice the cooling power at the same runtime. All of this is possible thanks to the use of a variable speed inverter compressor, which makes for excellent cooling capacities and amazingly efficient and quiet operation. Despite the technical improvements all well proven CoolAir benefits have been retained. Take the vehicle-specific installation concept, for instance. CoolAir RTX 1000 is ideal for longer trips in moderate climates. RTX 2000 is the right companion for hard climates and when it is used during the day.

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